Be a Sponsor
If you wish to sponsor an activity, donate materials or funds, attend an event, or speak at a meeting representing your corporation you welcomed to contact us .

Get Involved

We value monetary and material donations equally regardless of the amount or size, because each contributes significantly to our success. We also appreciate corporate representatives speaking to our members about their careers and organizations to better inform members about financial management ,management of stuff and motivating an uplifting women directing/managing nonprofits

Taylor-Anne Smith & Vuma

They have assisted us with food parcels for non-profit child cares

Glyn Bame

Donated second-hand office funiture to six organizations and computer to JYB Nonprofits organizations.

Armor Africa

Donated towards our JYB ECD child safety card programme .TO create safe environment within our Non-profit early childhood development centres in Lawley South of Johannesburg .

One computer one job campaign
With our one computer –One job project we aim to empower young females who have completed their matric but can’t study or find work due to various reasons through this project we plan to create jobs for experience. Learn More