Growing local nonprofit organization one person at a time
JYB only supports nonprofit directors by women
/Who we are
JYB nonprofit development center is a Registered organization,it focuses on economic and social development within the nonprofit early childhood development and Youth centres. It is based in local informal settlements in the south of Johannesburg. We create programmes that aim to empower , upgrade and develop nonprofit organizations that have a huge impact on the lives of vulnerable children and youth within our communities. This is done by equipping registered nonprofit centers with the right support, secondhand furniture and free off site office admin to centers offering relief to those in need or with disabilities .
/What we do
We assist local nonprofit organizations that play an important role within our informal communities.

We assist organizations :

To Get all certification needed by government and corporate to qualify for grants and funding.

Help organizations with daily office administration related tasks.

Notify organizations on different types of funding /grants available to apply for .

Help organizations and youth apply for fundings, bursaries and jobs.

We also run a number of job creation programmes for the youth working with nonprofit organizations to create a creative environment that empowers the youth. This is done through short-term employment for experience within the centres.

We run different events yearly to promote organizations and youth job creation projects. We also give donor's /sponsor's the opportunity to spend time with beneficiaries of our organization .

Our projects include

JYB Development Centre
JYB Development Centre
Off-site office Administration
Providing free off-site office Administration solutions to local nonprofit
One computer one job campaign
We aim to empower young females who have completed their matric but can’t study or find work
Skills development
Skills development & Community Job creation program
Refurnishing early childhood Development Centre’s